10 W Franklin St. Ste 140 Raleigh, NC
Completed 2015.

Designed renovation to unit in historic 1940s warehouses at Seaboard Station Shopping Center including design of commercial baking kitchen, interiors including sales counter, bread display, cafe seating.
1  warehouse suite, 1940s, Seaboard Station

1  inspiring pastry chef, Helen Pfann

XX  square feet, kitchen

1 large baking oven

13  loaf varietes, on a rotating schedule

As project architects, we designed this upfit of an existing suite in one of the 1940s warehouse buildings at Seaboard Station, into a traditional round the clock bakery. Our design work was focused in the commercial baking kitchen, and the interiors, including sales counter, baking display and cafe seating.

spotlight on the client

At Night Kitchen, they make all their breads, pastry, and savory foods by hand from honest ingredients. Helen Pfann worked in several nationally-recognized bakeries and restaurants, including Clear Flour Bread in Brookline, MA, Flour Bakery & Cafe in Boston, MA and the Magnolia Grill in Durham NC, before opening Night Kitchen. She brings that experience every Night as she mikes four ingredients--flour, water, salt, and yeast-- to yield such a variety of fascinating and delicious breads.